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Tech stack is basically a combination of programming languages, frameworks, and tools that developers use to build a web or mobile app. The two main components of any app are client-side (front-end) and server-side (back-end). Each layer of the application is built atop the one below, thus creating a stack.

Types of Cursor

The cursor Property Mouse over the words to change the mouse cursor. alias all-scroll auto cell context-menu col-resize copy crosshair default e-resize ew-resize grab grabbing help move n-resize ne-resize nesw-resize ns-resize nw-resize nwse-resize no-drop none not-allowed pointer progress row-resize s-resize se-resize sw-resize text url w-resize wait zoom-in zoom-out

Tech Vocabulary

So in this blog I would like to share some additional knowledge as well…Let’s starts with some tech vocabularies tech-savvy : knowing a lot about modern technology, especially computers: The state needs more tech-savvy workers for its hi-tech industries. empower : to give someone official authority or the freedom to Continue Reading

SQL QUERY Functions The Above URL will help you in making your SQL Query as simple as it could be: For e.g. You want to fetch the Data for Current Year (or any previous year) Select * from [table_name] where year [column_date] = 2019

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